Friday, September 21, 2012

Fifteenth Chapter

Sri Ashtavakra says: A man with honest approach can attain enlightenment by ordinary instructions. Without it even the life long curiosity is not going to help. 1

Indifference in sense objects is liberation and interest in them is bondage. Knowing thus, do as you like. 2

Eloquent, intelligent and industrious men become calm, silent and inactive after knowing the Truth so the people who are after worldly pleasure discard it. 3

Neither are you this body nor this body is yours, you are not the doer of actions or the one who bears their results. You are consciousness, eternal witness and without desires so stay blissfully. 4

Liking and disliking are traits of mind and you are not mind in any case. You are choice-less. You are of the form of knowledge and flawless so stay blissfully. 5

Know that all beings exist in you and you exist in all beings. So leave ego and attachment and stay blissfully. 6

Undoubtedly, this world is created from you just like waves from the sea. You are consciousness so leave all worries. 7

O dear, trust your experience, have faith on it. Don't have any doubt on this experience. You are Knowledge. You are beyond nature and Lord. 8

This body, which is composed of three attributes of nature stays, comes and goes. Soul (you) neither come nor go, so why do you bother about it. 9

This body may remain till the end of Nature or is destroyed today, you are not going to gain and lose anything from it as you are consciousness. 10

This world rises and subsides in you naturally as waves in a great ocean. You do not gain or lose from it. 11

O dear! you are pure consciousness only and this world is not separate from you. So how can anything be considered superior or inferior. 12

You are alone in this imperishable, calm, conscious and stainless space so how can birth, action and ego be imagined in you. 13

You being one, appear to be many due to your multiple reflection. Is gold different from bracelets, armlets and anklets? 14

This is me and that is not me, give up all such dualities. Decide that as a soul, you are everything, have no other resolutions and stay blissfully. 15

This world appears to be real only due to ignorance. You alone exist in reality. There is nothing worldly or unworldly apart from you anyhow. 16

Decide that, this world is unreal like an illusion (or dream) and does not exist at all. Without becoming free from desires and actions, nobody attains peace. 17

Truth or the ocean of being alone existed, exists and will exist. You neither have bondage nor liberation. Be fulfilled and wander happily. 18

You are of the form of consciousness, do not get anxious with different resolves and alternatives. Be at peace and remain in your blissful form pleasantly. 19

Remove your focus from anything and everything and do not think in your heart. You are soul and free by your very nature, what is there to think in it? 20