Friday, September 21, 2012

Seventeenth Chapter

Ashtavakra says: He has attained the fruits of Knowledge and Yoga both, who is content, is of purified senses, and always enjoys his solitude. 1

The knower of truth is never troubled by anything in this world, for the whole world is completely pervaded by that Brahma (Lord) alone. 2

None of the senses can please a man, who is established in Self, just as Neem leaves do not please the elephant that likes Sallaki leaves. 3

Such man is rare who is not attached to the pleasures enjoyed, and does not desire pleasures which are unattained. 4

People desirous of worldly pleasures are seen and people desirous of liberation are also seen in this world. But one who is indifferent to both of these desires is really rare. 5

Only few great souls are free from attachment and repulsion to righteousness, wealth, desires, liberation, life and death.  6

He neither desires end of this world, nor despise its continued existence. He lives the life as it is, feeling content and grateful. 7

Blessed by this knowledge, subsiding intelligence in Self, they stay content even in seeing, hearing, touching and eating. 8

Keeping their gaze unoccupied, having stilled the tendency of their senses, they have no attachment or aversion for this feeble world. 9

Aha! in that supreme state, where there is no wakening, no sleep, no opening or closing of eyes, rarely someone with liberated consciousness stays. 10

Always established in self, with stainless intent everywhere, free from all the desires, such a liberated man always shines. 11

Even in, seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, eating, taking, speaking, walking, desiring and not desiring such a great soul basically does nothing. 12

He neither blames nor praises, he neither gives nor takes. Indifferent from all these he is free in every way. 13

One who remains unperturbed on seeing women with desire or death, established in self, that noble man is liberated. 14

For such a man with patience, pleasure and pain, men and women, success and failure are alike. For him everything is equivalent. 15  

In a person free from attachment for this world, there is neither aggression nor submissiveness, neither pride nor lowliness, neither surprise nor agitation. 16

Liberated man neither dislikes sense gratification nor likes them, hence he remains unperturbed in their achievement and non-achievement. 17

Beyond doubts and solutions, good and bad, a person with still mind, remains established in self. 18

A man who is free from attachment, free of ego, with a definitive view of non-existence of this visible world, even while doing does not do anything. 19

Having attained a state of mind which is devoid of delusion, dream and inertia and full of light, one should discard all mental desires. 20