Friday, September 21, 2012

Sixteenth Chapter

Sri Ashtavakra says: O dear! Even after hearing from many scholars or reading many scriptures, you will not be established in self as after forgetting every single thing. 1

You can either enjoy fruits of your action or enjoy meditative state. Since you are knowledgeable, stopping all desires of your mind will give you more pleasure. 2

It is effort which is cause of everyone's pain but nobody knows it. By following just this flawless instruction, fortunate become free from all their instincts.  3

Happiness is there only for an extremely lazy person who considers blinking of eyes also a task. Nobody else is happy. 4

When mind is free from confusion of doing and not doing, it does not desire righteousness, wealth, sex or liberation. 5

Neither he is averse to senses or is attached to them but he is definitely indifferent to their acceptance and rejection. 6

As long as there is thought of acceptance and rejection of senses, seed of this world-tree exists. So, take shelter in thoughtlessness. 7

Habit gives rise to attachment and rejection brings aversion. So, an intelligent person should stay indifferent like a child. 8

A person who is attached to senses wants to leave this world to avoid the problems. But the one who is indifferent to these problems does not feel pain. 9

One who wants liberation and is also attached to his body, is neither knowledgeable nor yogi. He just suffers. 10

Unless you forget everything else, you will not be established in self, even though Shiva, Vishnu or Brahma themselves teach you. 11