Friday, September 21, 2012

Twelfth Chapter

Sri Janaka says: First I developed indifference towards actions performed by body then I became indifferent to actions performed by speech. Now, I have become indifferent to all sorts of anxieties and stay as I am. 1

Unattached to sound and other senses and knowing that Self is not an object of sight, I remain free of disturbances and focused as I am. 2

Seeing the transitions between abnormal states of incorrect perception and the meditative states as a (natural) rule, I stay as I am. 3

O seer of God, away from the feelings to store or to leave and without any pleasure or pain, I stay as I am. 4

 Looking at the various stages of life and their absence, rules accepted and prohibited by mind and such options, I stay as I am. 5  

Being aware of the ignorance in performing rituals and knowing the Truth properly, I stay as I am. 6

While thinking about the Unthinkable, we ponder over our thoughts only. So abandoning that thought, I stay as I am. 7

He who follows thus gets liberated. One whose nature is like this gets liberated. 8