Friday, September 21, 2012

Ninth Chapter

Sri Ashtavakra says: This is to be done and this should not be done, such confusions have never ended for anybody. Knowing this, be indifferent (neutral), be ascetic and don't follow such (ritualistic) rules. 1 

O Son! Blessed and rare are those who observe the useless efforts of others and thereby extinguish their lust for life, luxuries and good food.  2

All this is impermanent and is surrounded by the three types of pain (body, luck and money). It is without any essence, contemptible and is to be abandoned. Only after deciding it firmly, peace is attained.  3

When was that age or time when there are no confusions for a person. So become indifferent to your doubts and attain happiness without much effort.  4

Having seen the difference of opinions among the great sages, saints and yogis, who will not get detached and attain peace.  5

Knowing consciousness directly, a guru, who is unattached and neutral, will definitely lead others out of the cycle of birth and death.  6

See the change in nature of elements as the change in quantity of finer (subtle) entities. After seeing this, you would be free from bondage immediately and would be established in your very nature.  7

This detachment will lead to rejection of desires and you as consciousness will remain as you are. 8