Friday, September 21, 2012

Tenth Chapter

Sri Ashtavakra says: Give up the enemies, desires and money, the primary cause of many misfortunes. Rejecting these two will lead to righteousness and thus be indifferent to everything. 1

Look at friends, land, money, wife and other properties as a dream in Maya to be destroyed in three to five days. 2

Wherever there is attachment, there is world! Applying this mature non-attachment be free of desires and attain happiness. 3

Desires alone are the bondage for Self. Extinguishing desires is called liberation. Non-attachment to worldly things can only lead to continuous bliss. 4

You are one (without a second), conscious and pure and this world is non-conscious and illusory. You don't have a trace of ignorance and desire to know. 5

In past lives, many times your kingdoms, children, wives, bodies and comforts have destroyed despite of your attachment to them. 6

Any amount of wealth, desires and good deeds will not result in peace from this world of illusion. 7

In how many lives have you not taken pain in performing various activities with body, mind and speech. Now be non-attached to them. 8