Friday, September 21, 2012

Fourth Chapter

Ashtavakra says: The self-aware wise man takes the worldly matter sportively, he just cannot be compared to a deluded person taking burdens of the situations. 1

A yogi feels no joy even after attaining a state for which Indra and all other demigods yearn for. 2

He who has self-knowledge remains untouched by good and bad even internally, as the sky cannot be contaminated by the presence of smoke in it. 3

Who can prevent a great man from living in the present as per his wish as he knows himself as this whole world. 4

From Brahma down to the grass, in all four categories of living creatures, who else can give up desire and aversion except an enlightened man. 5

It is very rare to know Self as One and Lord of the world, and he who knows this does not fear anyone or anything. 6