Friday, September 21, 2012

Twentieth Chapter

King Janaka says: In stainless Self, there are no five matter-elements or body, no sense organs or mind, no emptiness or despair. 1

For me who is ever free from dualism, there are no scriptures or self-knowledge, no attached mind, no satisfaction or desire-lessness.  2

There is no knowledge or ignorance, no 'me', 'this' or 'mine', no bondage or liberation, and no characteristic of self-nature. 3

In unchanging me, there is no fateful actions or liberation during life and no bodiless enlightenment. 4

Without a nature, there is no doer or reaper of actions, no inaction or action, nothing visible or invisible. 5

Established as non-dual reality, there is no world or desire for liberation, no yogi or seer, no one bound or liberated. 6

Established as non-dual reality, there is no creation or annihilation, what is to be achieved or what are the means, who is seeker and what is achievement. 7

There is no knower or evidence, nothing knowable or knowledge, nothing less or non-less in forever pure Self. 8

There is no distraction or focus, no right discrimination or delusion, no joy or sorrow in always action-less Self. 9

There is not this world or the other, no happiness or suffering for Self, who is eternally free from thoughts. 10

There is no Maya or world, no attachment or detachment, no living beings or that God for forever pure Self. 11

For me who is forever unmovable and indivisible, established in Self, there is no tendency or renunciation, no liberation or bondage. 12

There is no sermon or scripture, no disciple or guru, nothing is to be achieved for ever blissful and non-special Self. 13

There is no existence or non-existence, no non-duality or duality. What more is there to say? Nothing arises out of me. 14